The Animal Justice Party has a long-term vision for a kinder Australia, but recognises that change will proceed in stages. AJP policies outline their vision of the future and the steps they think are required to get there.

AJP policies are broken down into 3 key areas:

  • Animals
  • Environment
  • Humans

The Animal Justice Party actively campaigns at a government policy level against animal atrocities relating to wildlife destruction, factory farming, live export, companion and domestic animal abuse, and the use of animals for sport and entertainment. They advocate for the toughening of animal protection laws, an increase in penalties for convicted animal abusers, regulation and restriction in the sale and use of companion animals, and for enhanced education in the treatment of animals. They believe that through the formation of the Animal Justice Party, and with the support of the many like-minded, concerned animal lovers (and voters) throughout Australia, real and urgent changes to the way in which animals are treated can be made.

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