Eunomia Research and Consulting (Eunomia) is pleased to present this situational analysis report to the Ministry for the Environment on the impact of China’s National Sword/Blue Sky initiatives on the New Zealand recycling sector.

China has introduced extremely strict quality controls for the materials that it accepts for recycling. This has led to a significant decline in the demand for, and hence the value of, certain grades of material on international commodity markets – in particular mixed paper and mixed plastic. These grades are typically outputs of household kerbside recycling systems as opposed to commercial or industrial systems. This constriction in the market has resulted in loss of income for recyclers and some stockpiling of materials locally.

The purpose of the situational analysis is to ensure that there is an accurate understanding of the problem and of the potential flow-on effects as the situation evolves. A situational analysis is necessary because there is limited empirical information readily available on the scope, scale and depth of the impacts on the industry in New Zealand. Addressing this information gap and ensuring that the issues are framed and understood correctly will be vital in determining the nature of the response by the industry, local and central government.

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