Greening suburban travel: interim report on (sub)urban travel demand analysis

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From the end of World War Two, the use of public transport in Australian cities declined as the automobile industry grew and car ownership increased rapidly. Over time the car has evolved beyond being a means of transportation into being a subject of interest and a cherished part of their lifestyle for many people. In Australia, the car population is growing faster than the human population, and more than 90 per cent of Australians live in a household with access to a car. Traffic congestion has become a major problem, particularly in urban areas. Due to this congestion, private vehicle users are spending more time on roads. Bus patronage is generally weak around the country, to some extent because of the growing levels of congestion. Efforts must be made to shift at least a small percentages of car trip users to public transport to address this problem. This report’s objective is to analyse and understand the current travel demand.

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