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An overview of what is currently known about community policing in Australia.

Topics covered include:

  • Community Policing – the Australian connection
  • The changing nature of communities: Implications for police and community policing
  • A new movement in community policing? From community policing to vulnerable people policing
  • Community policing in culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Community policing in rural and remote Australia
  • Aboriginal liaison officers in community policing
  • Indigenous community policing: Building strength from within
  • Police and crime prevention: Partnering with the community
  • Harnessing information and communications technologies in community policing

Community policing occurs across many contexts and continues to be part of everyday policing practice, but it is especially challenging when the community is resistant or hostile and/or there is a personal or collective history of poor relations. The skills and knowledge required to undertake community policing successfully should be the subject of ongoing investigation and debate and greater celebration. The genesis of this report was a conference on policing in New Zealand in 2008. The contributors have all worked closely and collaboratively with police—in education and in the development of policing practice and community engagement, in policy and program management or on research projects.

The collection seeks to provide an overview of what is currently known about community policing in Australia and to encourage further research and analysis of the issues and challenges highlighted in the report.

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