New Zealand-Aotearoa is a special place, and more and more visitors want to see our beautiful country. Visitors, both Kiwis exploring their own backyard, as well as visitors from overseas, contribute significantly to our country.

Tourism creates inclusive growth by distributing economic opportunities and bringing social benefits across our regions, cities and communities. It allows us to celebrate our unique Māori culture. International visitors buy our products and services, which contributes to the success of other export sectors and grows our reputation internationally. Tourism provides a pathway for many to enter the workforce, gaining important skills. We also want people working in tourism to transition into highvalue jobs and improve the productivity of the sector.

Recent visitor growth has increased the benefits of tourism, but it has also highlighted that the challenges need to be more carefully thought through. The costs and benefits from tourism do not always fall in the same place, which can lead to under-investment in the infrastructure required to support visitors and our communities. So visitor growth can create infrastructure pressures, overcrowding, increased pressure on our roads and environmental impacts.

The recent pace and scale of visitor growth has effectively outstripped the capacity of our system to respond in some areas. This means that the economic and other opportunities afforded by this growth are not being fully realised, and the pressures created are not always adequately managed.

We want our tourism growth to be productive, sustainable and inclusive. This is to help us grow New Zealand-Aotearoa for all, improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders and to protect and restore our natural environment.

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