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Bikesharing experience in the city of Adelaide: insight from a preliminary study

Transport Urban planning Bike-share systems Adelaide

This paper presents the results of a bikesharing study in City of Adelaide based on the implementation of a web-based questionnaire survey with real users of bikeshare schemes. These findings of the study pointed out that the low frequency of usage was recorded among bikeshare users. Males are more likely to utilise bikeshare than female counterparts. However, because of diversity of bikeshare operators and a provision of standard services, users’ perceptions towards the current conditions and the quality of Adelaide’s bikeshare are relatively high. In this regard, young people are indicated to have better satisfaction as compared to the older generation. Convenience and financial savings are two key factors that affect user’s choice of bikeshare, while safety concerns in relation to the intervention of other vehicles on the road as well as the lack of dedicated bicycle infrastructure are major barriers for the use of bikeshare.

This study has significant contributions in increasing the policy makers’ insights on the current bikeshare system of Adelaide before regulating feasible transport and planning policy to increase Adelaide’s level of cycling participation generally and bikeshare usage.

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June 2019
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