Australia's impending aged care crisis

1 Feb 2011

There's no doubt that flood reconstruction is going to cost taxpayers an awful lot of money, with a price-tag likely to exceed $5.7 billion. Yet that's only about half the amount that State and federal governments spend every year on aged care. What's more, costs are rising at the alarming rate of 10 per cent per annum, in spite of the fact that the sector has some of the lowest paid workers of any industry in the country. The writing's on the wall: the number of Australians aged over 85 will quadruple by 2050 and providing for their care is simply one of the biggest policy dilemmas confronting the nation. If we are to build a sustainable system for the future, decisions must be made now - and that's why the federal government asked the Productivity Commission to inquire into the care of older Australians. The Commission's draft report, which has been released for public discussion, has been well received by the sector. Yet the document also highlights the enormity of the policy challenges which lie ahead.


Professor Judith Sloan
Chair, National Seniors Australia

Lin Hatfield Dodds
National Director, Uniting Care Australia

Lee Thomas
Federal Secretary, Australian Nursing Federation

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