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The VCCCAR funded project, Governance Models for Adaptation and Natural Disaster Risk Management, is investigating Victorian legal, financial and institutional frameworks for managing the risks of extreme events and natural disasters. It will identify specific risk management mechanisms in land use planning, catchment management, natural resource management and infrastructure development and make recommendations for incorporating decision-making under the uncertainty introduced by climate risk. The project has worked closely with government partners to identify options for knowledge transfer to support decisionmaking through accessible practitioner and policy related publications.

Key Points

  • The law provides individuals, businesses and governments with a range of tools and mechanisms to manage risks posed by climate change, including tools that reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to extreme weather events.
  • The effectiveness of community, business and government responses to climate change can be influenced by the design of legal tools and mechanisms. These may enable, hinder or shape adaptation measures.
  • Strategic planning and policy development in response to climate change challenges can be assisted by fostering an improved understanding of the ways in which different aspects of law can shape behaviour.
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