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5 Oct 2018

The EDRS sample were predominantly young, well-educated males, consistent with the sample profile since monitoring began in 2003. Ecstasy and cannabis were the drugs of choice, whilst cannabis and alcohol were the drugs used most often in the preceding month in 2018.


5 Oct 2018

This research provides the most up-to-date findings from interviews conducted annually from 2000-2018 with a cross-sectional sentinel group of people who regularly inject drugs recruited from all capital cities of Australia.

Journal article

27 Sep 2018

This paper replicates two previously used survey approaches to consolidate a national picture of alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) consumption in Australia.


3 Feb 2011

This report finds that use of mephedrone, a synthetic stimulant, has increased in recent years, particularly in the UK, Europe and Australia.

The report also finds that:

• One-fifth (21%) of the 2010 national regular ecstasy user sample reported lifetime use of mephedrone...


3 Feb 2011

People who regularly inject drugs also experience a range of other health problems, which may be secondary to drug use. This bulletin provides an overview of the general health and wellbeing of regular injecting drug users participating in a 2010 study.

It also examines...

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