Abdoulaye Diakite

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Abdoulaye Diakité

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Conference paper

12 Jul 2019

3D modelling of precincts and cities has significantly advanced in the last decades, as we move towards the concept of the Digital Twin. Many 3D city models have been created but a large portion of them neglect representing terrain and buildings accurately. Very often the...

Technical report

3 Jun 2019

Precinct Information Modelling (PIM) describes the process of creating a virtual 3D model at precinct scale, defined as a special region in built environment. PIM contains all the information pertinent the given precinct held in different data type and supports the process of management and...

Technical report

16 May 2019

This report presents a way of structuring and visualising geospatial data and their corresponding semantics and metadata in a Precinct Information Model (PIM). The datasets obtained from UNSW Estate Management (EM) are used in this development. The study is completed through several steps involving pre-processing...

Technical report

16 May 2019

This report presents results of inventory of the administrative structure of UNSW Estate Management (EM), software used, datasets and their content. The study was completed via interviews with employees of EM, and by examination of several datasets provided by Facility Management (FM) department.


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