2016 was a year of stark contrast between the attention given to refugees and migrants and the lack of political concern for the millions of people displaced inside their country by conflict, violence and disasters. This year’s GRID seeks to redress the imbalance and put the spotlight back on internal displacement as a key challenge of our times. The scale of this phenomenon, and its profound implications for entire communities and societies, highlight the importance of keeping it high on the global policy agenda.

Although progress has been made over the past three decades in raising the profile of internally displaced people (IDPs), the grim figures set out in this report highlight that we are still far from meeting their needs in a satisfactory manner. The evidence underscores the need for a long-overdue paradigm shift from an almost exclusive focus on immediate needs to understanding the interwoven causes and structural drivers of displacement, and from solutions driven by institutional mandates to joint investments to reduce vulnerability and mitigate longer-term impacts.

Without such a shift, countries will continue to struggle to reduce the economic and social impacts of internal displacement, and the number of people whose lives have been blighted around the world will only continue to rise.

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