Atlas of cancer in Queensland

28 Feb 2011

An understanding of spatial patterns of cancer helps health planners, service providers, other health professionals and the general public to assess current needs and understand the relative health burdens caused by each type of cancer. While there were many advances in health care during the 20th century, these benefits have not been shared equally across all population subgroups, particularly for people living in rural and disadvantaged areas.

This report describes the variation in cancer incidence and survival across small geographical areas (defined by Statistical Local Areas) in Queensland. Maps for incidence and survival are provided separately for males and females for all invasive cancers combined and the 18 most common cancers. This is an update and extension to an earlier Cancer Council Queensland publication examining geographic differentials in cancer incidence and survival in Queensland.

This research by Cancer Council Queensland has found more than 1,200 deaths in regional Queensland could have been prevented in the ten years to 2007 if regional cancer survival rates had been equal to the Queensland average.

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