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When research is relational: supporting the research practices of Indigenous Studies scholars

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In 2017 Ithaka S+R launched a project to explore the changing research methods and practices of Indigenous Studies scholars across Canada and the US with the goal of identifying services to better support them in ways that are also beneficial to Indigenous communities more broadly. The project was undertaken by a cohort of research teams at 11 academic libraries with guidance from a group of advisors comprised of Indigenous scholars and librarians. Each research team in the cohort developed findings and next steps based on their local research engaging with Indigenous Studies scholars at their own institutions (listed in Appendix 1). Ithaka S+R has the deepest gratitude to the researchers, research participants, and advisors for contributing their time and insight to the Indigenous Studies project.

The goal of this report is to serve as a companion piece to the local research undertaken by the cohort participants. In this report we provide comprehensive details on how the project was developed, designed, and fielded, and highlight key themes that emerged across the cohort as represented in their public outputs and presentations to date. The report concludes with final thoughts on how the project and its findings relate to how libraries and the Western academy can support research within Indigenous research paradigms.

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