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Bond strength between blended slag and Class F fly ash geopolymer concrete with steel reinforcement

Building materials Geopolymer concrete

In this paper, geopolymer concrete bond with both deformed and smooth reinforcing steel bars is investigated using the standard RILEM pull-out test. The geopolymer binder is composed of 85.2% of low calcium fly ash and 14.8% of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS). The tests were aimed to assess the development of the bond strength from 24 h to 28 days after casting, with different heat curing conditions. The results show that 48 h of heat curing at 80 °C is required in order to obtain similar or better performances to those of the reference 45 MPa OPC concrete. The 28-day bond strength and the overall bond stress–slip behaviour of the geopolymer concrete were similar to those previously reported for OPC-based concretes. Providing intensive heat curing, high early bond strength can be achieved showing that Class F fly ash geopolymer concrete is well suited for precast applications.

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June 2015
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