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The Australia Institute established the Nordic Policy Centre to explore the policy lessons that Australia can learn from the Nordic nations. Through research, stakeholder engagement, policy development, events, and public education, the Centre hopes to widen the Australian policy debate to include Nordic solutions to the big economic, social and environmental questions facing Australia.

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Briefing paper

14 Jun 2019

Australia should consider whether it wants a higher education and vocational training system more like that of Finland or more like the USA, according to this report from The Australia Institute’s Nordic Policy Centre .

Discussion paper

12 Apr 2019

In Norway, the number of new car registrations that are EVs is now over 50%. Norway’s success has been driven by government leadership, creating a policy environment to drive a large-scale and sustainable shift to EV use. There are lessons here for Australia.


A report prepared as the first in a partnership between The Australia Institute and Deakin University exploring policy settings in Nordic countries and their potential application in Australia
7 Mar 2019

Tax is the price we pay to live in a civilised society. This paper explores the lessons Australia could learn from Nordic countries, such as Norway, in providing leadership for revenue raising options in Australia.

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