From 2016, the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) replaces the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and its associated suite of surveys and publications previously administered by Graduate Careers Australia. 

The GOS departs from the GDS in that it conforms to the conceptual framework of the standard labour force statistics model used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). With the growth of female and part-time employment in recent years in both the wider and graduate labour market, it is appropriate to move beyond a focus on full-time employment. This report shows measures of the proportion of graduates in full-time employment, overall employment and their labour force participation rate, consistent with ABS labour force definitions.

The 2016 GOS was primarily conducted as a national online survey among 96 higher education institutions including all 40 Table A and B universities and 56 Non-University Higher Education Institutions. A total of 104,208 valid survey responses were collected across all study levels, representing a response rate of 39.7 per cent.

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