Lisa Fowkes


Lisa has spent over a decade working in employment services, including as CEO of a large non profit employment services provider with operations across urban, regional and remote Australia. Most recently she has worked as a consultant in non profit management and policy.

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Discussion paper

2 Dec 2016

The Community Development Programme (CDP) is a remote-area Work for the Dole scheme that principally affects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The program is billed by the government as 'helping people find work, and allowing them to contribute to their communities and gain skills...

Working paper

22 Jun 2016


CAEPR Working Paper 108/2016 described the number and pattern of social security penalties being applied to jobseekers participating in the Remote Jobs and Communities Program. The paper argued that more onerous requirements of jobseekers in the remote areas covered by that scheme...

Working paper

2 May 2016

In July 2013, a new Australian Government-funded labour market program was implemented across remote Australia: the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP). The program (now renamed and restructured as the Community Development Programme - CDP) had a case load of around 36 000 people, of...


16 Mar 2015

This working paper reports on a survey of provider organisations conducted almost one year into the implementation of Remote Jobs and Communities Program.


On 1 July 2013, a new labour market and community participation program-the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP)-started...


26 Oct 2011

Long-term unemployment is defined as a person being unemployed for over 52 weeks.

Of approximately 640,000 unemployed Centrelink customers in 2010, over 370,000 (59%) were identified as long-term unemployed – that is, having been in receipt of income support for over 52 weeks (FaHCSIA,...

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