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9 Oct 2011

This submission is informed largely by our ARC Discovery research project Safeguarding Rural Australia: Addressing Masculinities and Violence in Rural Settings (2008-2011) which set out to study reasons underlying the high mortality and morbidity rates for violent related harms among men in rural Australia. We...


28 Mar 2011

The Community Policing Partnerships Project (CPPP) was one of eight projects implemented under the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Community Partnerships for Human Rights (CPHR) program. The CPHR’s central goal was to increase social inclusion and to counter discrimination and intolerance towards Australia’s Muslim and culturally...


1 Jan 2008

There is a growing sense of crisis in rural ways of life, which manifests itself in economic decline, depopulation, depleted environments, and a crisis of rural identities. Crime is one potent marker of crisis, the more so as it spoils the image of healthy, cohesive...

Journal article

1 Jan 2005

Based on empirical research in a number of rural communities in north-western NSW, this article explores the dynamics of rural crisis as it is manifested in and through popular attitudes and campaigns around law and order.There is no denying that crime rates in many rural...

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