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The NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) is legislated to administer and report on ordinary elections and by-elections for the NSW State Government. The NSWEC also conducts local government elections, and elections for a range of government, public and commercial organisations on request.

The NSWEC provides a range of election services for councils that choose to engage it to run their local government elections. These services include:

  • Arranging polling places, ballot papers and equipment
  • Recruiting and training election officials
  • Managing the vote count and publishing election results.

The NSWEC conducts local government elections on a full cost recovery basis. The NSWEC currently recovers its costs from councils either:

  • By direct allocation to an individual council, where it can attribute specific activities to that council, or
  • On a per elector basis (ie, the amount a council pays depends on the number of electors in its area), for ‘general-type’ activities and indirect costs.

The Premier has requested IPART to recommend a costing methodology for determining the amount the NSWEC charges councils when it administers their ordinary elections.

This paper outlines our proposed approach to the review. It explains the review process, identifies the key issues we will need to consider, and seeks comments from stakeholders.

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