EU AI recommendations err by doubling down on ethics and ignoring opportunity for GDPR reforms

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In response to the release of a report from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) High Level Expert Group offering policy and investment recommendations, the Center for Data Innovation released the below statement from Senior Policy Analyst Eline Chivot:

The report includes a range of appropriate solutions to support the development and uptake of AI, including talent retention and mobility strategies, the identification of key sectors for applied AI research, regulatory sandboxes, a better transfer of research results to the market to facilitate the commercialization of AI systems, the integration of existing research networks, and the increased availability of large data sets. The report also constructively recommends policymakers avoid “unnecessarily prescriptive regulation” and “cumulative regulatory interventions at the sectoral level” which could have a chilling effect on innovation, and instead suggests using broad principles as guidance.

Read the full statement on the Center for Data Innovation.

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