Who Runs This Place

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Who really holds the power in Australia? This series explores who has real clout in Australia, how power works and how it is changing. It examines the power of Canberra’s parliamentary triangle, the big end of town and the lobbyists, the media and people power.

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7 Jul 2019

Union membership is a fraction of what it was, but people power is finding a voice through new platforms and movements.


30 Jun 2019

The different power players in each state. All six states are led by Premiers and have cabinets — they're the same. But they're also different. In part three, we look at the industries, groups and people who have power in each state, including mining peak...


23 Jun 2019

The industries and organisations that get what they want from government. In part two we stay in Canberra and look at the lobbyists, the industries and organisations most effective at getting what they want from the government. We also look at the revolving door between...


16 Jun 2019

More power is concentrated inside Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle than anywhere else. The Constitution doesn’t mention the Prime Minister but that office is where the power is. We look at how Prime Ministerial power has changed in the 21st Century. And, over the same time period,...

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