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This is a children's report developed by children for children about the child friendly cities project being developed by the Abanian government and funded by UNICEF Albania.

The Albanian “Child Friendly City”  program builds on the concept and experience of the international UNICEF Child Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI). The concept of child friendly cities was developed by UNICEF to guide city governments in order that they would consistently make decisions with support of community, including children to, enact policies and implement projects in the best interests of children. The purpose of a “Child Friendly City” program is to ensure cities are inclusive places where children’s rights to play, be healthy, be protected, educated, not discriminated against central to a socially cohesive and culturally rich environment.

The purpose of a “Child Friendly City”  program is to ensure children and their needs are central to activities of all that is being in action in the urban agenda. The focus of the report was to included data collected and analysed by children when researchers visited four cities. Children were invited to identify key themese around which a child freindly city stratgey for them could be devised. The report is organised around thsoe six themes: I play in my city, I am safe in my city; I am healthy in my city; I learn in my city; I participate in my city and I have a sustainable city. 

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