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Short course

Contemporary Policy Challenges Masterclass

University of Technology Sydney: 
Course Commencement Date
07 Aug 2019

Explore the major challenges and issues confronting contemporary policymakers across the social, political and economic spheres that shape the framing and implementation of policy at both global and national level at our 'Contemporary Policy Challenges' masterclass at the UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance.

This five-day professional development course brings stakeholders and policy experts into the room, and examines major issues relevant to the formulation and implementation of policy, including the role of international organisations, global civil society, public opinion, bureaucracy, technology and interest group participation.

Participants will explore these challenges as they apply across both national boundaries and within key policy sectors, and develop their analytical skills in identifying the theoretical, institutional and domestic factors that shape policy development and implementation at the national and sectoral level.

Duration: 5 days
Course dates: 7-9 August (Block 1) and 5-6 September 2019 (Block 2)
Venue: UTS City Campus, Sydney

Course content

The course explores:

  • Economic Globalisation and Public Policy
  • Decentralisation and Public Policy
  • Does Politics Matter?
  • Interest Groups and Influence
  • Public Opinion and Public Policy

Who should attend?

Suited to a wide range of professionals working with public policy, including:

  • State and federal and local government professionals
  • Social and transport planners
  • Housing and healthcare officers
  • Community activists and third sector professionals
  • Community and economic development officers

Course presenters

Dr John Wright is an international regulatory governance scholar with expertise in public policy and political theory. He has held senior research positions at world leading academic institutions such as the London School of Economics and Political Science, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Australian National University, working in the areas of healthcare and pharmaceutical regulation, European methods and processes for technology assessment, European investment and research in non-Communicable Diseases, and European Public Spending reform. His current research focuses on regulation and governance theory, political economy and comparative European politics.

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