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Community engagement insights report – planning for Sydney 2050

Urban planning Community engagement Sydney

Every day 1.3 million people live, work, do business, go out and study within the City of Sydney. The relatively small local government area creates more than 7% of Australia’s gross domestic product and is rich in globally recognised landmarks, cultural and financial institutions. It has been a key place for both the Aboriginal custodians of the land and the migration of Sydney’s newest residents.

As part of the City planning for 2050, all of these people who have an interest in the future of Sydney have been invited to have their say in the development of the new community strategic plan through a range of engagement opportunities.

For this phase of engagement, the City wanted to explore the high-level themes, values and issues that people saw as important to the development of a new community strategic plan for Sydney to 2050. The City asked the community what are their hopes for Sydney, what excites them and what concerns them about the future of Sydney.

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