New data-led NHS safety strategy lets patients log concerns

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Under the new Patient Safety Strategy, patients will be able to anonymously submit information if they are unhappy with their treatment or care – for example, if they are prescribed the wrong medicines or receive poor post-operation treatment.

Patients, staff and families will all be able to submit data to the system, with identifiable information such as names and date of birth kept anonymous.

The initiative replaces the 15-year-old National Reporting and Learning System and aims to offer a single and easy-to-use entry point for data regarding problems with medical devices, medicines administration errors and difficulties in spotting a patient’s condition deteriorating.

Data will be collected and analysed to provide insight on patient safety and identify areas of improvement, on both local and national levels.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) hopes the recording of such information will allow the NHS’s national patient safety team to identify risks of serious harm and allow healthcare providers to exchange best practice, thereby helping to prevent the same mistakes being repeated across the country.


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