Northern Territory alcohol harm minimisation action plan 2018-19

Alcohol Alcohol harms Northern Territory

The independent Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review (the Review) found that although significant effort has been put into addressing harm caused by alcohol in the Northern Territory, these efforts were being hampered by a lack of a consistent whole-of-government policy approach, out dated and ineffective legislation, an absence of policy and program evaluation, poor data collection and sharing between agencies, and poor coordination and communication between agencies.

The Alcohol Harm Minimisation Action Plan 2018-2019 (the Action Plan) looks to address these barriers through a number of legislative, regulatory, policy and program initiatives.

Harm minimisation is a term which underpins effective action consistent with national and international drug policy. Harm minimisation includes:

  • reducing the demand for alcohol through education, prevention or delay of first use and health promotion activities
  • reducing the supply of alcohol through effective regulation, sale and promotion
  • reducing the harm caused to individuals, families and the community through appropriate therapeutic support services
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