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This report sets out the important progress that has been made since we handed down our Interim Report on 1 December 2017, including providing an update on progress against each of our original recommendations. It sets out our further recommendations for how to ensure that the important task of rectifying buildings continues, and also outlines the issues we believe need to be addressed to prevent a problem like this from happening in the future.

Since the Taskforce was established, our overriding priority has been to ensure Victorians are safe in their homes. This safety focus underpinned the recommendations in our Interim Report and it underpins our new recommendations on how to promptly progress the next stage of building rectification while producing lasting positive change in the building industry.

This report presents the outcomes of the cladding audit work that has been undertaken to date. Despite the progress of this audit work, however, we are aware that the rectification of private buildings with combustible cladding continues to be a challenging and unacceptably difficult process for owners and residents. For this reason, we recommend that the Victorian Government take further steps to ensure the timely rectification of higher risk buildings, including through the establishment of a new authority. This authority would work with owners through the rectification process and provide assistance to owners with the funding of rectification works.

We are also aware that the systemic issues identified in our Interim Report, most importantly the need for fundamental cultural change, continue to confront the building sector. For this reason, we also recommend further investment into fundamental reform of the regulation of the building industry.

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