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In the NHS website, we have an amazing resource of validated health information, written by a dedicated team involving doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physios and others expert in their area. The number of people accessing the website is increasing all the time. The site is now visited almost 1.5 million times each day with 44 million hits in June from people living in the UK (as well as around another 8 million from people abroad).

It is, of course, completely free to use, and also available through the new free NHS App.

It matters that people can get clinically validated information when they look online. We would much rather people get NHS information when they search online with their medical queries, rather than some of the many other sources, some with guidance that isn't right for the UK, and some with advice that just isn't right.

So what we have done at NHSX is build an interface (known technically as an API, or application processing interface) to our content on the NHS website so that others can use it to make NHS information available through their own sites. It is freely available at Our hope is that it will enable a greater number of people to access certified NHS information, helping more people in managing their own care.


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