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Specialist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTT)

Central location TBC: 
Sydney Australia
Course Commencement Date
12 Sep 2019

These days most research grants ask about research impact and or research translation or broader research benefits. Are you a researcher, educator, policymaker, or knowledge translation (KT) professional? Do you want to know more about why KT is relevant? Do you need or want to know how to develop and evaluate a KT plan? Could you benefit from practical KT Training?

This world-renown workshop, developed by SickKids Hospital in Toronto and adapted for our Australian context, will show you how translation is the pathway to research uptake, implementation and ultimate impact that creates benefits to society and help you to develop and fine-tune your own plan for success.

This training course was developed on the premise that researchers, and increasingly, other practitioners and educators, are agents of change in creating research impact, promoting research utilisation, and ensuring that research findings reach the appropriate audiences. There is a skillset surrounding KT practice, and it is these competencies that the training course is designed to impart.

Spend two full days immersed in knowledge translation learning, networking with other people doing translation activities and becoming comfortable with planning for translation and the resulting impact.

The course is appropriate for scientists (basic, clinical, health services, population health) as well as educators, clinicians and KT professionals (e.g., KT Specialist, KT Manager, Knowledge Broker). While the focus is on health, the material is highly relevant to individuals working in other sectors. SKTT is intended to build practical knowledge and skills, and prominent KT theories and models are also introduced.

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Tamika Heiden