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Taking flight: an aviation system for the automated age

Drone integration paper
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New Zealand is a world leader in the unmanned aircraft (drones) sector due to our good reputation as a safety regulator, our ‘open for business’ mentality and our risk-based regulatory regime. We want to retain these advantages and remain at the forefront of drone development by ensuring our approach to drone operations harnesses the many opportunities they bring while addressing the challenges.

Being at the forefront means maintaining a regulatory and business environment which actively supports the beneficial and safe development and use of drones to benefit New Zealand. This requires an ability and willingness to be bold, and to take a leading role in order to develop a new industry that will help to lift productivity across a range of different sectors of the economy

This document aims to provide the sector with a clear understanding of the Government’s role, and its strategic direction and priority areas, to achieve the safe integration of drones into the aviation system and broader transport system.

Outlining a pathway to integration will provide clarity to the sector about steps the Government will take to ensure risks are addressed and benefits are realised for New Zealand and the sector as quickly as possible.

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