Creative city cultural policy and action plan 2014 - 2024

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The City’s strategic priorities emerge from the current cultural landscape. This document is in two parts: the policy itself which contains foundation principles, and a 10-year action plan which proposes a series of initiatives and investment across six priority areas.

1/ Creativity in Sydney is visible

Creativity is not measured only by the number and quality of our cultural venues and infrastructure. It is evident in the city’s street life, in expressions of creativity in the public domain (and its virtual equivalents), and in memorable precincts that offer a range of large- and small-scale activity, interaction and experiences.

2/ Innovation is central to Sydney’s creative community

Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation and critical to community wellbeing, economic strength and prosperity. Sydney is a city that supports creative experimentation and innovation, and makes space for trial and error.

3/ Sydney takes pride in its Aboriginal history, culture and its contemporary expression

The city’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and contemporary cultures are unique, visible and a central source of cultural riches

4/ Sydney’s diversity is prized and promoted

The Sydney community is proud of its rich immigrant history and heritage, and the contribution of many communities to cultural diversity, openness and tolerance. The city’s diversity brings rich cultural expression and opportunities for social connection.

5/ Sydney welcomes bold ideas, new visions and unexpected connections

The city is open to transformation and big ideas. It harnesses the potential of new technologies and recognises the importance of wit, surprise and the unexpected in an urban environment.

6/ Curiosity is encouraged and opportunities for discovery are everywhere

Opportunities for discovery and learning are wholly assimilated into the experience of the city and freely available.


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