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A framework for mission-oriented innovation policy roadmapping for the SDGs: the case of plastic-free oceans

Sustainable development Policy Innovation


Governments and international organisations have recognised the potential of science, technology and innovation (STI) to enable and accelerate the transition towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There is a need to re-align and streamline public policies and investments to harness the benefits of STI for the SDGs more effectively.

This paper proposes a mission-oriented innovation policy roadmapping framework as a systemic policy instrument – or a strategic framework for action – to give a long-term orientation to innovation support. The paper argues policy roadmaps have a potential to improve the coherence of innovation policies, and to create synergies between public, private and civil society initiatives and investments in high-impact mission-oriented innovations for the SDGs.

The paper proposes an architecture and step-wise process for designing and implementing mission-oriented innovation policy roadmaps. The approach adapts the roadmapping technique to innovation policy making instrument portfolios and governance mechanisms. The paper includes an illustrative case study applying the analytical steps of the framework to ‘A Plastic-free Ocean’ mission.

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IIPP WP 2019-03
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