Discussion paper

The proposals for reform in this discussion paper are based on ideas for real improvements to the system of local government in South Australia that were received following a public call in early 2019, and discussions with councils and other bodies.

The paper contains over 70 major reforms to local government legislation, as well as a number of minor amendments.

Some of the key proposed reforms include a new conduct management framework for council members; an expanded role for council audit committees to provide expert, independent advice to councils on a range of critical financial and governance matters; and improvements to regulation to reduce councils’ costs.

The four reform areas included in the discussion paper recognise that there are areas in the local government legislative framework that currently aren’t working as well as they should, and need to be reviewed.

  • Reform Area 1: Stronger council member capacity and better conduct
  • Reform Area 2: Lower costs and enhanced financial accountability
  • Reform Area 3: Efficient and transparent local government representation
  • Reform Area 4: Simpler regulation

Submissions can be submitted by Friday 1 November 2019.


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