This Australian government plan, developed hand in hand with consumers and the health sector, aims to make Australia's health system better at preventing disease and promoting health, more focused on patients’ multidisciplinary needs, more affordable, and more accessible to all Australians, wherever they live and whoever they are.

The health system will remain a mix of public and private funding and service provision. This encourages choice and innovation, while protecting access.

There are four key pillars to this reform plan:

  • guaranteeing Medicare and improving access to medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefts Scheme (PBS)
  • supporting our public and private hospitals, including improvements to private health insurance
  • prioritising mental health and preventive health
  • investing in health and medical research.

The changes the federal government is making will hopefully improve every section of the health system. The government is working with health professions, health service providers, Indigenous communities, state and territory governments and— most importantly—consumers.

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