Interactive Aotearoa: driving growth and wellbeing through interactive media

An analysis of the impact of interactive media and games on New Zealand’s economy and wellbeing
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Interactive media is one of the highest-potential and fastest-growing parts of the digital economy. Combining creative content with software code produces powerful new experiences which engage audiences in more personalised, responsive and persuasive ways. Weightless exports of creative IP and services overcome New Zealand’s tyranny of distance and open a huge global market for our knowledge-based industries.

The Interactive Aotearoa Study drew upon several data sources, research studies and 50 qualitative interviews. It presents a stocktake of interactive media globally and locally, and makes recommendations to grow the social, cultural and economic potential of interactive design in New Zealand.

The report’s recommendations cover six themes:

  • Forge a Coordinated Interactive Media Industry Plan for New Zealand
  • Address the Investment Gap
  • Grow the Creative Tech Talent Pool
  • Celebrate New Zealand Identity through Interactive Media
  • Realise the Education and Wellbeing Benefits
  • Improve Data and Policy Insights

This report makes several recommendations for industry and Government to grow New Zealand’s interactive design capability and sector, including:

  • Establish and fund a dedicated industry development organisation (such as a NZ Interactive Commission) to run an industry development programme to grow talent, employment and exports.
  • Establish a contestable New Zealand Interactive Innovation Fund to fund production of original, innovative interactive projects for education, wellbeing or commercial creative IP purposes.
  • Establish an industry and tertiary education working group to report on skills and competencies employers expect from work-ready graduates.
  • Establish a Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) in Otago with support from the Provincial Growth Fund.
  • Include interactive media in Government culture and art programmes to tell local stories and develop talent.
  • Provide professional development for teachers on game-based learning



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