Discussion paper

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) risk assessments are a core component of TEQSA’s proportionate, risk-reflective approach to assuring higher education standards and safeguarding student interests. The Risk Assessment Framework (RAF) outlines the main components of the risk assessment cycle and provides detailed information on the risk indicators adopted (TEQSA 2019).

Since TEQSA’s establishment in 2011, the agency has completed six cycles of provider annual risk assessments to date. As the current RAF has been in place since 2014, it is timely to call for a review and consider ways in which the RAF could be improved upon to ensure that it continues to effectively and comprehensively reflect the nature and operation of higher education (HE) providers.

This consultation paper has been devised to be open-ended in order for TEQSA to be able to inclusively incorporate sector views in the next iteration of the Risk Assessment Framework. Through stakeholder feedback, the objectives of this consultation paper are to:

  • identify specific changes that can be made to refine the current risk framework
  • enhance the validity and usefulness of the risk framework in identifying emergent or existing risks.

This consultation paper discusses the current risk approach and puts forth a number of broad considerations for sector input. The questions raised in this consultation paper aim to guide sector feedback, and providers are encouraged to use this consultation process to submit their responses and ideas to TEQSA.

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