Progress of the world's women 2011–2012

In pursuit of justice
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This is UN Women's first major report, following the agency's launch in early 2011. The report offers a comprehensive global review on women's rights around the world. It recognises the positive progress made - 139 countries and territories now guarantee equality in their constitutions - but also demonstrates that too often, women experience in justice, violence and inequality in their home, working and public lives.

600 million women live in 66 countries where domestic violence is not considered a crime. Religious and customary laws, existing alongside state legislation frequently restrict women's rights to marry, divorce and inherit property. 53% of women are in vulnerable jobs, which lack the protection of labour laws and women are still paid 10 - 30% less than men. 

In Australia, female judges are underrepresented in most of the highest courts and there are very few chief justices, with the report finding that Australia is ranked 43rd next to Angola and Latvia in relation to the number of female judges in supreme, constitutional, and regional courts.

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