This snapshot of recent Australian research projects demonstrates the potential for primary health care research to improve the health of Australians.

Snapshot of Australian primary health care research 2011 is a collaborative venture involving representatives from PHC RIS, the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Australian Association for Academic General Practice, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.


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The Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation & Development Strategy

  1. Patient affiliation with GPs in Australia: who is, who isn't and does it matter?
  2. Refugee and asylum seeker experiences of GP services
  3. The feasibility and impact of cardiovascular absolute risk assessment in general practice
  4. Improving quality through clinical governance in primary care
  5. Community/health sector partnerships for chronic illness prevention
  6. Effective change management in a regional sub-acute ambulatory care service
  7. Analysing pharmacist recommendations in aged care
  8. Optimising access to best practice primary health care: a systematic review
  9. Chronic diseases in CALD populations in Queensland: health and health care experiences
  10. Integrated primary health care centres and polyclinics: a rapid review
  11. What role do organisations play in research capacity building in allied health?

This publication was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. The views expressed in the publication do not necessarily represent the position of the Australian Government.

Editorial and review team: Belinda Lunnay, Ellen McIntyre, Libby Kalucy, Fiona Hawkins, Petra Bywood and Louise Baird.

Writers: Kathryn Eccles, Belinda Lunnay

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