This cultural industry development plan is part of the '13th Five-Year Plan' outlined in 2017. It maps out the develoment plan for cultural indsutry and economy in China from 2017 to 2022.

This policy aims to provide strategic plan for the government, national market, and the cultural industry, with a strong focus on structural reform of supply chain, promote various sectors in cultural indsutry, as well as the government performace and support towards cultural economy. The plan is strcutured based on six basic principles: correct direction, human-centred, enterprise-focused, creativity-driven and coordination. The main goals of this plan is to increase cultural industry growth, optimise modern cultural industry structure, and to build up influencial cultural enterprises, products and brands, as well as leading cultural projects.

This policy acknowledges that the development of cultural industry in China is at a critical stage, facing both opptunities and challenges. The main strategies at this stage are: 

  • Building cultural confidence
  • Enhancing cultural consciousnes
  • Continuing to build an innovation-driven society
  • Promoting the transformation and upgrading of cultural industry for higher quality and performance
  • Realizing the strategic plan of cultural industry as the pillar industry of national economy

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, this policy addresses that China will try to cultivate a number of cultural enterprises with core competitiveness, to create a number of cultural products and brands with strong influence, to support the implementation of a number of key cultural industry projects with strong driving role, to create a number of national cultural industry parks and clusters with significant demonstration effect, and determine a number pilot cities of cultural consumption, to build 3 to 5 key cultural industry exhibitions, 50 cultural and financial service centers and to train more than 5,000 people in various cultural industries.

Eleven industries were listed  as key indsutries in thie policy:

  • Performing
  • Entertainment
  • Animation
  • Gaming
  • Creative desiging
  • Internet culture
  • Cultural tourism
  • Artwork
  • Arts and crafts
  • Cultural exhibition
  • Cultural equipment manufacturing

This policy supports development of cultural industry in all parts of China, with a focus on middle-western areas, minarities, under-developed areas, and other special areas. 

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