This guide is for all Muslim women who are experiencing or have concerns about family violence. It is also for the increasing number of Muslim community members who wish to be better informed about the nature of family violence, its impact on victims and on the Muslim community. Increasingly, like the rest of Australian society, the Muslim community has come to better understand that family violence not only has a profound and long-term impact on the lives of those it touches but also diminishes and undermines society as a whole.

The information in this booklet is based on our 20 years of experience working with Muslim women on the issue of family violence. It also includes the work of many other experts, including mental health experts, researchers, academics and legal personnel who have worked with both victims and perpetrators of family violence. Importantly, this guide includes the insights and work of Muslim women and men working on the protection and safety of women and families across the Muslim world, including in Muslim countries. 

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