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Conference paper

14 Nov 2011

Since the 1980s the promotion of competition and the attendant concept of efficiency have been central tenets of public policy. These concepts have been applied increasingly with little understanding of their significance and meaning. This paper addresses the implications for competition policy of the transformation...

Conference paper

15 Dec 2010

Telecommunications deregulation in 1997 meant the removal of all significant barriers to entry. Government of various hues have trumpeted the continued entry of new providers as evidence of success in achieving the policy objective. At the same time the ongoing dominant position of Telstra has...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

The telecommunications industry's reputation for poor customer service has been much commented on but little analysed. This study seeks to assist in the three-party engagement between providers, consumers and regulators to improve industry performance. Building on a workshop conducted in 2006 by the Consumer Council...

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