Research and innovation systems in the production of digital content

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This 2003 report on the nature of R&D and innovation within the creative and content industries has been a key document in the development of theories around creative industries in Australia. It has now been added to the APO archive.

The nature of R&D and innovation within the creative and content industries generally has not been closely examined.  This largely reflects the sorry fact that these industries have tended to be at the fringes of national discussions about science and innovation policy, and of related funding and industry programmes.

A further complication is that there is little systematic data about the extent and nature of R&D activity and funding in the creative industries in general and for digital content production in particular. The use of the term "digital content" implies a marriage of content and technology. Also obviously, digital content represents a new and emerging market, an “innovation frontier”. Thus digital content constitutes a case study in innovation and change in those industry domains within which digital content firms operate, and for those industries in which digital content is becoming an important input and enabler, particularly education and other service sector industries.

This current study has been part of a multi-stage programme of work examining digital content production and applications within creative industries, and the extent to which an industry cluster is developing, or could develop, around digital content activities. The programme's focus on possible clustering provides a natural springboard for extending the study into this area of innovation systems and the role of research and development.

This report is organised around the three primary objectives for the study, as follows:

1. The industry's innovation system

2. Issues in optimising the industry's innovation systems

3. Possible intervention strategies.

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