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Increasing the productivity of traditional farming systems in rural areas such Middle Bush on Tanna, Vanuatu will require concerted extension and training effort. The situation found at Middle Bush is seen as the ‘face of the future’ for much of rural Melanesia. Efforts to increase productivity need to be undertaken with a clear understanding of the local context. Innovative, more appropriate and cost effective approaches need to be adopted. One such approach being trialled by the Vanuatu Farm Support Association (FSA) is the Napil Rural Training Centre (NRTC) located at Middle Bush. This non-formal adult education approach is based on the ‘Tutu model’ that was developed at Marist Tutu Rural Training Centre on Taveuni, Fiji. 

The evaluation reports covers the following:

  • A visit to the Napil Rural Training Centre on Tanna.
  • An assessment of how the “Tutu” Model has been applied at Napil pilot in terms of providing self-employment in agriculture and the lessons learnt from this experience.  
  • Recommendations for scaling up the NRTC and replicating it at other locations in Vanuatu, with due consideration being given to funding and staffing requirements. 


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