Innovation and export opportunities of the energy transition

Insights from the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub
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This paper focuses on the substantial and complementary export opportunities emerge for Germany and Australia as a result of the move to energy networks powered by renewables, electrification of other sectors of the economy, the transition to zero emissions synthetic fuels and growing demand for zero-emissions metals and energy-intensive goods.

Findings demonstrate that:

1. Australia, with its plentiful wind and solar energy resource, available land, and stable regulatory and institutional environment, is well-positioned to become a leading exporter of renewable energy and renewable-based energy-intensive goods.

2. Germany, as a leading manufacturer and engineering innovator of energy transition technologies, can benefit from an increasingly global deployment of technologies for renewable energy transformation, conversion and the electrification of energy end-uses.

This is one paper in a series of four as part of the Energy Transition Hub's Synthesis Reports. To view other reports in this series, please see the related content section below. 

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