World Alzheimer report 2016

Improving healthcare for people living with dementia: coverage, quality and costs now and in the future
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Medicine Healthy ageing Economic modelling

The World Alzheimer Report 2016, Improving healthcare for people living with dementia: Coverage, quality and costs now and in the future, reviews research evidence on the elements of healthcare for people with dementia, and, using economic modelling, suggests how it should be improved and made more efficient.

The report argues that current dementia healthcare services are over-specialised, and that a rebalancing is required with a more prominent role for primary and community care. This would increase capacity, limit the increased costs associated with scaling up coverage of care, and, coupled with the introduction of care pathways and case management, improve the coordination and integration of care.

Modelling of the costs of care pathways was carried out in Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea and Switzerland, to estimate the costs of dementia healthcare under different assumptions regarding delivery systems.

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