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2 Sep 2015

Provides evidence and potential policy options to inform federal, state and territory government efforts to increase youth volunteering.

Summary The National Youth Affairs Research Scheme commissioned the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) and researchers Associate Professor Lucas Walsh and Rosalyn...


27 Feb 2012

Recent years have seen significant shifts in the world of work, with the focus moving away from industry, towards innovation and the ‘knowledge economy’. At the same time, the global economic slowdown has meant fewer labour market opportunities, particularly for young people. Consequently, young people...


22 Aug 2011

This research analyses the ways in which young and disadvantaged Vocational and Education and Training students can be engaged through new information and communications technologies. The continued emergence of new information and communications technology (ICT) represents an important opportunity to engage or re-engage with disadvantaged...


2 Jul 2010

In the context of a major Review of Funding for Schooling in Australia, this proposal responds to fundamental issues related to funding, such as the principles against which funding should be measured and the most effective means of distributing resources.

It is the latest...


7 May 2010

This book steers schools towards a deeper understanding of the nature of their communities as a microcosm of Australian multicultural society.

It aims to develop an understanding of diversity both within the boundaries of the school, and beyond, in the broader community. This will...

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