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Over the last few years, the UK Government has been exploring how data can improve counter fraud in government, working in collaboration with the private sector and academia. This paper summarises the key challenges the UK Government faces when employing data analysis and data sharing to counter fraud.

These challenges include:

1. Data mindset - having a data mindset is about individuals in an organisation having an understanding of the value of data. This impacts the way policies and processes are designed; improving how and what data is captured and drives the development of better strategies, such as countering fraud.

2. Data quality - high quality and consistent data is key to making data-driven decisions. This includes capturing data reliably and having a clear and consistent understanding of what any stored data actually represents.

3. Data capabilities - analysing data and generating insights relies on having the appropriate analytical tools and then applying fraud relevant skills and techniques to distil insights and identify potential fraud threats.

4. Data access - using data and analytics to counter fraud necessitates accessing and sharing data between parties; whether that is a form of bulk sharing or on a case by case basis

5. Data ethics - it is essential that the use of data for counter fraud purposes is used ethically and within the existing legal frameworks.

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