Compliance by former Ministers of State with the requirements of the Prime Minister's Statement of Ministerial Standards

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Almost a third of the Coalition Cabinet quit in the months following the Liberal party room’s decision in August 2018 to install Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. The ministers and cabinet ministers who resigned have since gone on to take a variety of roles in business, not-for-profits, and the public sector.

Post-ministerial careers have the capacity to be entirely uncontroversial and appropriate. Ministers can develop a unique set of skills during their time in office. Throughout Australia’s history, former ministers of all political persuasions have used these skills to contribute to the broader community in different ways.

Post-ministerial careers also have the capacity to undermine the public trust placed in our government and our political institutions.

There has been significant public concern that the post-ministerial plans of two recent former ministers – the Hon. Christopher Pyne and the Hon. Julie Bishop – may fall into this latter category.

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