HIV Futures 9 is a study of quality of life among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Australia that forms part of a series of studies that have been running since 1997.

In each iteration of the HIV Futures study, a cross sectional survey of the Australian population of PLHIV is conducted. Data were collected for HIV Futures 9 from December 2018 until May 2019. Participants completed a questionnaire using a self-complete online or hardcopy form. The survey instrument comprised 148 questions related to quality of life, financial security, health, wellbeing, treatment, support, sex, relationships, HIV-related stigma, and ageing.

Participants had the choice to respond online or using a hardcopy booklet. The survey was advertised online and through relevant community networks, particularly those of the community of people living with HIV (PLHIV) organisations. Details of the survey method are presented in the appendix.

This report includes a presentation of core findings and some analysis of trends over time. The report cannot and does not aim to express the full diversity of experiences and complexities of the lives of PLHIV. The authors nonetheless hope that it is useful for maintaining, validating and improving policy and service responses to continue to support PLHIV to live healthy, connected and fulfilling lives. There will be further opportunities in the coming months for deeper analysis of these data, and we will continue to make findings available.

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