Responding to family violence: a survey of family law practices and experiences

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The Australian Institute of Family Studies has been commissioned to evaluate recent reforms that aimed to improve the family law system's response to disclosures of family violence, child abuse, and safety concerns.

The evaluation is comprised of 3 programs: this report presents the findings of the first component, "Responding to Family Violence: A Survey of Family Law Practices and Experiences". It examines the views and experiences of professionals working across the family law system, as well as parents who used family law services after the reforms were introduced. In total, 37 judicial officers and registrars, 322 lawyers, 294 non-legal family law system professionals, and 2,473 recently separated parents were surveyed. The findings of this study indicate that the reforms of the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Act 2011 are a step in the right direction for identifying and responding to the risk of harm.

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